Deserved draw for ladies' seconds

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Dawlish ladies’

seconds 4

Oke ladies’ seconds 4

OKEHAMPTON knew they had to pull out all the stops for this match as they only had 10 players.

Vice-captain Rochelle Woolacott did an excellent job leading the team to step up to the challenge, and from the start Okehampton looked like they could win.

Lesley Bingham distributed the ball well by setting up through passes for Okehampton’s forward attack. The first goal came from Oke’s Annabelle Rademaker, who struck a very convincing ball from a short corner. Dawlish soon scored an equaliser, and with their awareness of Okehampton being a player short Dawlish found a confidence to take them into the lead 2-1 at half time.

Undeterred, Okehampton kept their calm and Rachael Adams and Lucy Wiseman were both very solid in defence by producing creative play around the Dawlish attackers. Lesley Bingham picked up a deflected ball from the Dawlish goalkeeper, slipped it to Alex Collins who did not hesitate to find the back of the goal.

At 2 -2 it was becoming obvious the game could go either way. Both teams scored two more goals each, with the Okehampton goals coming from Bingham and Collins.

A draw of 4-4 was a good outcome for Okehampton.

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