Skipping to their own beat! A woman and her dog from Lewdown set world record

By Sally Shipton in Local People

A TALENTED Jack Russell from Lewdown has skipped her way into the Book of Guinness World Records with her owner.

Jessica the Jack Russell and her owner, Rachael Grylls, used a skipping rope to clock up 59 jumps in one minute to earn the world record.

It’s not every day you see a dog jumping rope — but then eight-year-old Jessica is no ordinary terrier.

She has been crowned Britain’s Most Talented Pet twice and is now showing off her athletic abilities, co-ordination skills and outstanding discipline by gaining a world record.

The record attempt was carried out in front of four independent witnesses. Jessica and Rachael were permitted a few fleeting stops for breathers.

‘We actually did 63 skips in total but one skip was taken off for each time we stopped,‘ explained Rachael, who was shouting words of encouragement throughout the gruelling 60 seconds.

‘The original amount of skips to beat was 45 but recently a Japanese man and his dog raised the record to 50, so the pressure was really on. But we did it!’

The champion pair often travel the country as Rachael gives obedience and dog-training demonstrations and displays at various events.

‘I’ve trained Jessica since she was an eight-week-old puppy.

‘We started off doing the usual tricks like making her sit and giving paw before we moved on to the more advanced tricks.

‘She can do tricks on horses, she can skate-board and pushes a little shopping trolley. She even drives around in her own little car which is a red Ferrari!’

Rachael, who also rides horses, said that the enthusiastic terrier had given her the idea for a skipping trick after she jumped onto her back and then up onto a horse.

‘She’s such a clever dog, she actually gave me the idea for the trick and has been skipping now since she was five.

‘She gets into the sit position so she’s ready, and her little tail waggles with joy each time she does a jump.

‘We come up with new tricks all the time, it’s great fun!’

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