Concerns raised over parking situation in Okehampton

By Sally Shipton in Community News

RESIDENTS of Okehampton have expressed concerns about dangerous parking occurring on a number of residential roads in the town.

At the recent Okehampton Town Council Annual Town Assembly, residents expressed that an abundance of cars were using residential roads to park, including Station Road, which often caused traffic issues.

Residents explained that the vast amount of cars had resulted in some people parking on pavements and double yellow lines.

During the meeting questions were put forward to the council about what they intended to do to improve parking in the town.

In response Okehampton Mayor Cllr Jan Goffey said: ‘Resident parking in the town is an on-going issue that has been discussed time and time again.

‘Even if resident only spaces and resident permits were issued — it still doesn’t guarantee you a parking space outside of your house as anyone with a permit can park there. Residential parking spaces are also twice the size of a car, meaning that one space actually takes up two, limiting the amount of cars which can park on a road.

‘We recognise parking is a huge problem. People need to be sensible — parking on pavements or double yellow lines just isn’t acceptable. However, the town council is not a traffic enforcement authority. Devon County Council is the informant for traffic issues.’

Cllr Terry Cummings added: ‘The biggest problem we have is traffic enforcement. Even if resident parking permits were issued, with no enforcement regularly checking vehicles, this wouldn’t work. We are working hard with Devon County Council on this issue.’

Cllr Michael Ireland described people parking on pavements and in places that cause traffic congestion as ‘anti-social’.

He said: ‘People have been parking in an anti-social manner. As a community we need to take it upon ourselves to say something to the offenders. I know this may sound simple but it is a way to express we are displeased with this kind of behaviour. This form of dangerous parking is anti-social.

‘I would urge anyone who sees people parking dangerously or illegally to take photographic evidence so that these people can potentially be prosecuted.’

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For more information about on-street parking, visit the Devon County Council website parking information page

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