Bon Jovi Experience to play Tavistock Wharf tomorrow

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BON Jovi needs no introducing having enjoyed three decades of platinum selling albums, sell out world tours and some of the biggest fist raising hits by any rock band ever.

Living on a Prayer, You Give Love a Bad Name, Keep the Faith and Raise Your Hands are just a few of the monster numbers that formed part of the backdrop to the lives of many a rock fan who grew up through the 1980s.

The Bon Jovi Experience are proud of their reputation for recreating the live experience of the original — albeit on a much smaller stage.

And as one of the most successful tribute bands to play The Wharf with a mainly female audience flocking to the venue for every gig (which is not surprising when you look at singer Tony Pearce and realise how much of a dead ringer he is for the real New Jersey rock star) Ellie Hudson thought it’d be fun to find out a little bit about the man behind the shades.

So, what inspired you to be Jon?

‘He did! I was always a massive fan, in the very early 80s when I first heard him I knew he was going to be a massive star.’

Bon Jovi used to refer to the Pizza Parlour Policy when writing early material, popping down to the local pizza joint to play their tunes to the kids to see which should go onto the album. What’s your favourite pizza topping?

‘Not a massive pizza lover but when I do have one it’s a meat feast, steak, sausage, ham, the more meat the better!’

You played at the London Hard Rock Café with the man himself, how did that feel?

It was by far the highlight of my career. When I got the call from his brother Matt Bongiovi I literally couldn’t believe it and thought it was a wind up. It was an honour a privilege to be asked to perform with him.’

Is there a question you hate being asked in interviews?

‘Not hate, but the most regular one is what’s my favourite Bon Jovi song.’

So, I have to ask, what is your favourite Bon Jovi song?

Only Lonely off their second album, it holds some good memories of me growing up.’

What’s the strangest thing a fan has done?

‘Our fans amaze us with the lengths they will go to, from tattoos to the odd marriage proposal, I’m always wondering, what’s the next thing they’re going to do to get our attention!’

If you were going to be immortalised in a film who would you want to play you?

‘Tom Cruise, he’s properly into bikes and loves speed so instantly gets my vote. He also played the part of a rock god extremely well as Stacy Jax in Rock of Ages – I could learn a thing or two.’

The Bon Jovi Experience appear again at The Wharf on Saturday (May 20).

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