Schools' triathlon off to great start

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MEADOWLANDS and The Meadows in Tavistock was the venue for the West Devon Primary Schools’ Inaugural Triathlon.

Ten Year 3/4 teams and 16 Year 5/6 teams competed in their first ever triathlon. The event was put together by Mhairi McCall of OCRA, Geoff Whitlow of Tavistock Wheelers and Lindsay Hobbs of Tavistock Triathlon Club, with assistance from many volunteers and OCRA staff. 104 children undertook a swim, cycle and run, as part of a team of four (two girls and two boys in each team).

The year 3/4 athletes went first, completing a two length swim, 1K cycle and 600m run.

Year 3/4 individual winners: Boy. 1, Fynn Baker of Milton Abbot (1.03, 6.13, 2.33); 2, Finley Molyneux, Okehampton (1.04, 5.49, 2.57); 3, Taylor Charlton-Cross, Whitchurch (1.01, 6.25, 2.39). Girl. 1, Elsie Maguire, Whitchurch (1.02, 6.41, 2.58); 2, Kirsty Cox, Milton Abbot (1.09, 6.27, 3.08); 3, Zara Priday, Okehampton (1.15, 6.26, 3.24). Team winners. 1. Whitchurch (Taylor Charlton Cross, Elliott Pocknell, Elsie Maguire and Olivia Luckham); 2, Okehampton (Finley Molyneux, Benjamin Webster, Isobel Marrison and Zara Priday); 3, Boasley Cross (Fergal Fitzsimmons, Harrison Rushton, Alison Oldland and Shannon Griffiths).

Year 5/6 athletes completed four lengths of Meadowlands pool a 1.5K cycle and approximately 1,500m run. Year 5/6 individual winners: Boy. 1, William White of Whitchurch (1.49, 7.44, 5.53); 2, Ewan Dix of St Peter’s (1.44, 7.32, 6.18); 3, Thomas J Priday of Okehampton (1.44, 7.16, 7.06). Girl. 1, Emma Luckham of Whitchurch (2.05, 08.35, 6.54); 2, Hannah Walker of St Peter’s (1.24, 9.25, 6.47); 3, Charlotte Walker of St Peter’s (1.33, 9.28, 6.59). Team winners. 1, St Peter’s (Ewan Dix, Tom Brown, Hannah and Charlotte Walker); 2, Whitchurch (William White, Reuben Pascoe, Orla Maguire and Emma Luckham); 3, Okehampton (Thomas J Priday, Grady Alford, Sophie Howell and Millie Wilson).

Organisers thank Justin Knox of British Cycling, Meadowlands, and the volunteers from Tavistock Wheelers and Tavistock Tri Club, James Lake of Tavistock Swimming Club and Allan Herdman.

Everyone present agreed it had been a successful and hugely enjoyable day and should be run again next year.

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