Crimes in the Okehampton area #newsfromtheblues

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A WARRANT to search a property in Oak Road, Okehampton on August 3 resulted in police finding a green herbal matter and growing equipment inside the property. Police are pursuing this inquiry. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the police via, or by calling 101, quoting the crime reference number CR/064820

• Police are investigating an attempted burglary at a property on Tavistock Road in Okehampton. Two male offenders tried to pry open the window of the property and used an unknown object to take out a pane of double glazing. The victim heard noises and thought it was a bird tapping on the window until he looked and saw a male’s face. The victim shouted and the two offenders ran off, got into a white coloured Vauxhall car and drove away. Anyone with any information about this crime is urged to contact the police. CR/063988.

• A car parked at the Little Chef restaurant in Sourton was criminally damaged on July 29 between 4pm and 7pm. The car had all four of its tyres slashed. CR/063535

• There was an attempted shoplifting from Waitrose in Okehampton on July 29 around 7pm. The male offender attempted to take £100 worth of stock, including food items, however, he was caught by staff before admitting to them that he had successfully stolen from the store on several occasions. CR/063682

• Criminal damage was caused to a car parked on School Way in Okehampton on July 31 at 3.15pm. A young male was attempting to carry out tricks on his scooter when he lost control and let go of the scooter, which hit a parked car causing £408 worth of damage. Police would like to remind people not to perform tricks near parked vehicles, instead suggested that they use the skate park. CR/063684.

• Police are investigating an attempted burglary at Okehampton Cycle shop between the August 1 at 5pm until 9am the following morning. The offenders climbed on the roof of the store and sprayed the alarm box with expanding foam, muffling its audible alarm before using bolt cutters to attempt to gain access to the side of the building. The culprits were unable to get inside the building and no stock was stolen. CR/064339.

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