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ORGANISERS of Keep Okehampton Tidy day are asking people to have their bin bags at the ready for this weekend’s litter pick. A number of organisations and children, staff and parents from the primary school will turn out across the area to pick up litter and tidy the town on Saturday, April 25. On the day there will be two main groups and local people are asked to join up with either group. Both will start at 9.30am and the Okement Rivers Improvement Group will meet at the recycling bins in Waitrose Car Park. The second group will also meet at 9.30am and will meet outside Okehampton Primary School. Robert Flexman, a member of the Okement Rivers Improvement Group, said that the main centre of the town was better than many others but the access roads into Okehampton such as New Road and parts of Exeter Road were particularly problematic for litter. ‘Those areas get littered by people throwing away coffee cups, fast food containers, that sort of thing,’ he said. ‘The main point of the Keep Okehampton Tidy day is getting people out there just tidying up their community. Even if that means just tidying near to where they live, maybe their street and around, all the contributions mean something. If people are in town taking part in the litter pick, make sure to look in hedges and shrubbery. If picking up litter thrown into hedges, make sure you have some protection like gloves or something to protect your arms.’ As has been the arrangement on previous collections, rubbish collected can be taken to Okehampton Primary School by 2pm on the tidy day and arrangements have been made for collection later in the same day. For those who cannot or would prefer not to be involved in a larger group, they are encouraged to try to collect the litter in their own road and bag it up with their household rubbish for the weekly collection. If you would like to get your community or voluntary group involved, contact Robert Flexman on 07986 383745. Further information can be found on the ‘Keep Okehampton Tidy’ Facebook page.