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IT IS sad to see that the idea of re-opening the Tavistock to Crediton section of railway is being bogged down by the notion that it must be a main line — the cost of which is prohibitive.

Another short-sighted plan?

GREAT news regarding coaches back into Okehampton but what is the first thing most tourist require after a long journey? The very thing that was demolished to make room for them — toilets! What are the plans to replace them in the parking area? Or is this just another short-sighted plan? Mike James Okehampton


Pets in hot weather

WITH the recent arrival of hot weather, we should be reminded that animals suffer and die when temperatures rise.

Clarification of the new dog control orders

FOLLOWING the letters that appeared in last week’s Times concerning the consultation on our draft dog control orders, I felt it important to clarify some of the issues raised.

Baking hot for a marathon

YOUR picture of the start of Okehampton marathon entitled ‘Those were the days’ suggested it was in 1973.

Could it be you?

THE number of adoptions in England is rising which is good news.

Rail route would be cheapest by far

I AM a member of the Destination Okehampton Working Group.

Quarries — stay safe

LAST year, during a two month period of unusually warm weather, six people drowned in former quarry lakes across the UK.

Please keep our town visible

IT was with great dismay that I read of the closure of the Okehampton office of the Okehampton Times.

Researching the collection of wartime sphagnum moss

I READ with great interest the article by Dr Ann Pulsford about the collection and use of sphagnum moss from Dartmoor during and immediately after World War One.

A mood of distrust in local councils and government

AS a regular reader of the Okehampton Times, I value the wide scope of the information given to us.

Extol the beauty not ruin it with rail!

WHILE immediately admitting that I have no commercial interests locally, I have to ask whether anybody has stopped to consider what proportion of the population of Okehampton and its surrounding area actually want a rail link to be re-established from Exeter to Plymouth through the town.

Strawberries and cream for Breast Cancer Care

THE strawberry season has finally arrived and I’m writing to ask your readers to host a strawberry tea party for Breast Cancer Care — the only UK-wide specialist support charity.

Chunks being taken off state provision

OVER the last year there have been regular articles and letters in this paper distressed at the closure or threat of closure to various local facilities and services.

A safe place for a coach park?

I HAVE been in correspondence with various councillors concerning the new coach park in Okehampton and, while I am assured that there is going to be a public consultation when the traffic order is applied for, I am concerned that it will take place during the school holidays when people are on holiday.

Government needs to amend planning guidelines

ON Tuesday I attended a wind turbine planning application meeting in Hatherleigh town, a beautiful, tranquil part of the rural Central Devon constituency.

Recounting the rationale behind a difficult decision

I KNOW the announced closures of county council residential homes isn’t an easy subject for many, so I hope this detailed response to Lesley Whittaker’s correspondence will help explain the rationale behind the decision.

Sofas can fund scientists

I am writing to you and your readers to remind everyone in the local area to donate any unwanted household items to British Heart Foundation (BHF) Furniture and Electrical stores in the South West.

All sorts of help and advice . . .

MICROCHIPPING for dogs, blood pressure checks and lung function tests for smokers are some of the free offers at a major community event in Okehampton on Saturday, July 12.

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