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I still believe a new school is the only option

I THINK it’s  very wrong and slightly suspicious, that a few  ‘angry parents’ have left it  to the eleventh hour to try and derail this ‘golden egg’ opportunity for every one before anyone has seen plans or submissions from developers.

Breathtaking exhibition

WHAT extraordinary talent is being nurtured at Okehampton Primary School! Anyone who takes the opportunity to look at the exhibition of work inspired by the poetry and painting about the first world war will be astounded at the range demonstrated by these ten and eleven year olds from our town.

The price has to be paid

THE controversy concerning Sheffield United and Welsh international Ched Evans, as to whether he continues as a professional footballer, goes on! This man was jailed in April 2012 for the rape of a 19-year-old girl and released last month after serving just half of a five year sentence.

We should all be ashamed

OUR government has refused to contribute to rescue services for refugees crammed into unseaworthy boats in the Mediterranean.

Alternative parking

I AM a regular user of the coach parking facility in Mill Road.

Festival also part of town’s rich heritage

SATURDAY last month saw many heritage events organised for the town — yet few people knew of a festival which has been held every year on the last Saturday of October (apart from the war years) since at least 1935.

It was a pleasure to see local democracy working so well

ON Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending the special meeting of North Tawton Town Council when the Solar Park planning application was considered.

Closure is unacceptable

THE closure of Okehampton Police Station to the public may please a few time and motion people, but it’s a public relations disaster.

Wear the poppy with pride . . .

THE Royal British Legion Poppy Day is on November 9.

You cannot eat a solar panel!

I WRITE in response to the article for a 143 acre solar array at North Tawton.

Do we need to pay GPs to diagnose?

SHOULD GPs be paid for diagnosing dementia? It was announced last week that family doctors in England are to be paid £55 for each patient they diagnose with dementia, in a six-month £5m scheme.

Thanks to the team!

CAN we, through your pages, say thank you to the people from WDBC’s recycling team who very politely called at our house to return an Ipad mistakenly put out for recycling a week earlier? However much people may complain about council services, this was way beyond the call of duty.

Such a negative starting point is not the stuff of a true statesman . . .

VA Cushing (Times letters, October 23) alerts us to the certainty of UKIP’s voice being heard.

Fair parking is most annoying

MUST the fair on the park take up all the parking spaces — even down the path? It is most annoying.

The finest land in Devon

IN last week’s Times you asked for a response ref the fancy name of North Tawton Eco Park (or real name solar panel farm) at North Tawton.

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