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Dogs still have wild instincts in them— act responsibly

A FRIEND was walking her dog on Dartmoor recently, when she came across a farmer with his lamb, which had been horrifically injured with huge wounds and its whole body torn open.

Is it any wonder?

IS it any wonder that we hold all our politicians in such contempt? They have all ruled out any increase in general taxation.

Successful sponsored skydive

I WOULD like to thank everyone — friends, relations and people I have not personally met that so generously gave sponsorship to my FORCE cancer charity skydive.

A big thank you!

AUCTION Night on Saturday (April 4) to support our London Marathon challenge — well, what can we say other than a big thank you to everyone who came to support this evening.

A new battle

HAVING sacked much of Cornwall, Devonians in the West are having to face up to a new battle.

A filthy road

I WOULD like to nominate the A30 duel carriageway as the most littered road in Britain, especially in winter.

Jobs should come first

I ATTENDED the West Devon Borough Council meeting last Monday in the Charter Hall, and note the planning permission granted by WDBC for the ‘business park’ last week.

One rule for one, and one for another?

I AM writing to express my disgust at the overwhelming hypocrisy of the councillors who turned down the planning permission of the barn at Ashbury, near Northlew.

Solar eclipse was sheer magic — a truly memorable experience

FRIDAY’S partial solar eclipse seen from the old clay works at Meeth was sheer magic.

Solar eclipse was sheer magic — a truly memorable experience

FRIDAY’S partial solar eclipse seen from the old clay works at Meeth was sheer magic.

Extraordinary privilege

AS we enter purdah prior to the General Election could I just thank all your readers who have contacted me over the years and thank you for providing me with my regular column.

Consumers are being failed by big six companies

HIGH energy bills are a big problem for many people locally, especially at this time of year.

Footbridge looks horrendous!

WHO is responsible for the eyesore that is the new footbridge at the east end of Okehampton? It looks like a blue shipping container with the top cut off? It looks absolutely horrendous! There  obviously hasn’t been any thought to the design or colour to blend in with the surrounding countryside or to make Okehampton’s main tourist route into town more attractive.

Managing asthma

THE reent high pollution levels received widespread media coverage because of the health risks posed to many vulnerable people across the UK, including those with respiratory conditions such as asthma.

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