YOU would think that a vicar in training would do enough good in the community in their day-to-day life, but an Ordinand from the parish of Coldridge went that one step further on July 4, when she cut and dyed her hair for a worthy cause.

Janet May decided to have her long hair cut and dyed it blue to raise money for Blue Skye Thinking, a charity founded in memory of her nephew Skye Hall from Oxford.

Skye Hall died last August aged five from the side effects of his treatment of a medulloblastoma, an aggressive and cancerous brain tumour.

His parents, Sally and Andrew Hall set up the charity in July 2014 to raise money for research into childhood brain tumours.

Based at St Peter's Parish church in North Tawton, Janet said: 'I suffer from fibromyalgia, a rheumatic condition which can cause me pain and stiffness in my muscles, so I knew a physical challenge was out of the question, but I still wanted to do something to support Sally and Andrew.

'Having it chopped was quite nerve-wracking as I have had the same hairstyle for quite some time and the final result raised a few eyebrows at church on Sunday — but as long as it raises money it will all be worth it.

'Skye was an incredible little boy with an amazing sense of humour and maturity way beyond his years and he is greatly missed by all our family.'

Janet has raised £550 and is hoping to raise £600 in total. She had her hair cut and dyed by Stacey at Kezia's Hairdresser in Crediton.

Janet's brother Andrew, Skye's father, said: 'Skye would have loved watching his auntie Janet do something so silly as have her hair dyed blue so this is rather a fitting way for us all to remember him.' 

More than 350 children a year in the UK alone face the devastating news that they have a brain tumour but less than one per cent of cancer funding goes towards research into brain tumours, the number one cancer killer in children and teenagers.

All the money the charity continues to raise will go into much needed research into new treatments for childhood cancer so that all children diagnosed with brain tumors will have a better chance of survival and a better quality of life post-treatment.

To help Janet reach her fundraising target donate at the website">