The blazing tar barrels signalled the beginning of Hatherleigh Carnival as they were pulled along the town’s streets at 5am on Saturday (November 12) to the delight of those brave enough to get up so early.

It was the start of an action-packed day which included a town criers’ competition, hunt, window display competition, the children’s costume competition, featuring superheroes, the owl and the pussycat and the BFG.

The evening saw the town centre crowded with lights and food stalls as Hatherleigh Silver Band marched along the main street leading the main carnival procession which included floats from groups across West Devon and featuring a wide range of themes from Mario Kart, pirates, Grease and Maverick Top Gun.

The main parade drew carnival day to a close though there was still the second tar barrel run to enjoy before the day finally ended

Donna Lewis, one of the carnival organisers, said: ‘What an amazing carnival we had this year. We would like to thank everyone who entered a tableaux, carried a torch, pulled the blazing tar barrels, marshalled and to everyone who came to support our carnival. There was many amazing entries of tableaux, shop windows and decorated houses and buildings.’

Carnival winners this year:

Artistic non-moving parts, 75 percent crepe paper): 1st - Carnival (Wonnacott, Dilling, King, Bater, and Squire), 2nd - Pirates Of The Hatherleighan (Jones, Powlesland, Rice, Peace, Cleave, and Friggins).

Artistic any material: 1st - Three Lionesses On A Float (Lisa Whale).

Artistic 13ft and under: 1st - Flutterby With A Butterfly (Okehampton Girl Guides), 2nd - Abba (Madewell).

Comic local: The Hatherleigh Village People (The Hatherleigh Jolly Boys).

Young Farmers: 1st - Buckland Do Grease (Buckland Brewer YFC), 2nd - Top Gun Maverick (Woolsery YFC), 3rd - Mario Kart (Bradworthy YFC).

Visitors artistic: 1st - Mario Cart (Vicki Watkins), 2nd - The Recovery Boys (Monty Entwhistle).

Best local (classes 1,2&3): Carnival (Wonnacott, Dilling, King, Bater, Lumbly, and Squire).

Best local (classes 4,5&6): The Hatherleigh Village People (The Jolly Boys).

D Edwards Comic Cup and J Hooper Comic Cup: The Hatherleigh Village People (The Jolly Boys).

Best YFC Shield: Buckland Do Grease (Buckland Brewer YFC).

Best Visitors Challenge Cup: Mario Cart (Vicki Watkins).

Best Local Organisation: Flutterby With A Butterfly (Okehampton Girl Guides).

Jacky Entwistle Visual Impact Cup: Carnival (Wonnacott, Dilling, King, Lumbly, and Squire).

John Moyse Memorial People’s Choice Cup: The Hatherleigh Village People (The Jolly Boys).