The number of electric car charging points in West Devon could be set to increase as part of a wider strategy on electric vehicles.

West Devon Borough Council has laid out plans for the next two years to improve vehicle charging opportunities for residents and visitors alike, to encourage wider use of electric vehicles across the area.

It hopes to set up more EV charing points on council-owned land as well as encouraging others to install chargers at popular spots across the borough.

Doing this will hopefully improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions, and improve infrastructure for people wanting to buy electric vehicles.

The target is to increase the number of publicly available charging points in West Devon by at least 50 per cent, working with partners like Devon County Council and charge point operators as well as installing its own chargers.

The council also wants to lead by example – so it’s converting their fleet of “light” vehicles (cars, vans and grounds maintenance equipment) to electric. The council is also going to support the implementation of EV car clubs, e-bikes and alternative modes of transport.

Cllr Lynn Daniel, West Devon Mayor and the council's lead member for natural environment, said: “Our plans to try and improve the potential for electric vehicles in West Devon could make a real difference to the environment.

“Among our plans include supporting a bid to the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Scheme with Devon County Council, exploring sites where we can operate chargers on our land, promote schemes to residents and businesses, and encourage our stakeholders and partners to install chargers at key destinations across West Devon.”

The council’s Hub Committee pledged its support for the new electric vehicle strategy at their meeting on 21 November. The strategy will now be discussed at the full council meeting planned for 19 December.