AT its meeting on Monday evening (November 6), Tedburn St Mary Parish Council unanimously voted not to support a new planning application to turn the Red Lion Inn in the village into four houses. 

Approximately 40 Save The Red supporters attended the council’s Open Forum.   

Three committee representatives were able to put forward valid objections to the latest Teignbridge planning application 23/01849/FUL lodged by the pub owner, Mr and Mrs T Tume.   

Other members of the community highlighted boundary dispute issues, on-going unresolved sewerage problems at and around the Pub, future parking issues and discrimination for disabled.

Also due to a reduction in the footprint of the development, made by the addition of a footpath from the houses to the car park (this was instated to attempt to comply with planning regulations).

The fitting of any eco devices such as heat pumps, oil tanks, solar panels etc will reduce the usable space and be an eyesore.

Another issue raised was that as the pub is of historic interest to the community (part of the Trafalgar Way) there is a real possibility that there are items of archaeological interest on the site which should be conserved.

A local councillor explained that he had put in a request to Teignbridge District Council that the planning application be put forward to a planning committee for decision and not to an individual planning officer for the grounds of full transparency on such a well-supported and contentious community issue.

The Parish Council explained that it was aware that the issues objected to by members on the previous application had still not been fully addressed and had taken comments on board.

The councillors then voted unanimously to not support the application. They agreed that they would also officially request that the planning decision goes to a full committee.

The Save The Red group thanks the parish council and supporters for their understanding and support.