Amazon parcels may be delayed today as workers go on strike today for the first time in the UK.

Amazon workers are striking in anger across the UK today as they demand a pay rise to £15 an hour. This follows the international company's offer of a 50p per hour pay rise, which workers argue is not enough to cover rising costs.

Workers currently earn an average of £10 per hour.

Amazon has traditionally not been involved in trade unions, but the trade union GMB has been involved this time after hundreds of workers at a Coventry warehouse voted to strike against the proposed pay increase.

Amanda Gearing, GMB senior organiser, said: 'Amazon workers in Coventry are set to make history on 25 January, becoming the first ever Amazon workers in the UK to go on strike.

'They've shown they’re willing to put themselves on the line to fighting for what’s right.

'But people working for one of the most valuable companies in the world shouldn’t have to threaten strike action just to win a wage they can live on.

'GMB urges Amazon UK bosses to give workers a proper pay rise and avoid industrial action altogether.'