Hatherleigh and Chagford county councillor, James McInnes, has donated a total of £2,000 to the Chagford Swimming Pool and the Sticklepath Playing Field Committee this year.

Both Chagford’s swimming pool and the playing field committee received £1,000 each from Cllr James McInnes’ locality budget through which councillor’s provide grants to support local needs in their division.

The thousand pound donations were granted to the swimming pool and committee to replace the old pool covers and to replace the swings in Sticklepath’s playing field respectively.

The money will cover the cost of removing the old pool covers at Chagford Swimming Pool and the delivery and installation of the new ones.

Meanwhile, the £1,000 will go towards replacing the old swing set in Sticklepath’s playing field, which the committee estimated could cost up to £3,000 overall.

Cllr McInnes’ donations equate to one-fifth of the total locality budget of £10,000, issued to all county councillors, for this financial year (April 2021-March 2022).

This financial year, Cllr McInnes has also offered grants to the Gilead Foundations, Wren Music, Community Links and the Chagford Parochial Church Council.

Any voluntary, community and social enterprise group, council, charity or business (with an eligible sponsor) can apply for a grant from their county councillor.

The locality scheme for the coming year is currently closed by applications will be received from the beginning of May.