With one in ten of us (12%) already anticipating we won’t be ready to face the world until after midday on New Year’s Day, new findings from Fusion Lifestyle, who run leisure centres Meadowlands in Tavistock and Parklands in Okehampton reveal the nation’s favourite ways to get over the night before.

These tips may come in handy with almost one in five (18%) predicting they won’t feel better until one or two days after welcoming in the New Year. Despite this, the top spots are taken by ‘pints of water’ (23%) and ‘fresh air’ (14%), revealing Brits look set to take a healthy approach when it comes to the recovery process. Age old favourite – ‘the full English fry-up’ – takes the third spot with over one in ten of us (13%) turning to carbs to soak up the night’s excesses.

The hangover hierarchy:

The Rehydrator – pints of water (22%)

The Cobweb Blower – fresh air (14%)

The Carb Loader – a full English breakfast (13%)

The Chemist – paracetamol and pints of water (11%)

The Motivator – taking some exercise (9%)

The Hibernator – staying in bed and sleeping (7%)

The Couch Potato – lying on the sofa watching TV/films and not moving (7%)

The Sweater – sweating it out in a sauna (2%)

The Ostrich – ignoring it and pretending it’s not happening (2%)

The Caffinator – overdosing on coffee (2%)

Further down the list just under 2% of respondents proved themselves to be party animals, opting to turn to another well known ‘cure’, preferring hair of the dog to help them feel better.

Of those who prefer to tackle the world head on and use exercise to recover over 25% of respondents selected swimming as their exercise of choice, claiming being submerged in water makes them feel better, with 18% preferring a trip to the gym. Almost one in ten (9%) of those who exercise to recover are less fussy, stating that any exercise will do so long as it makes them feel like they have redeemed themselves for the night before. A further 15% of Brits who exercise to feel better put the onus on others to help with their recovery, relying on team sports, a motivating instructor or training with a friend to get them moving the day after their excesses.