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Okehampton lies at the heart of Devon — superbly placed as a convenient base for tourism in Devon and Cornwall and for trade with its excellent road links.

The Okehampton Times is one of the younger titles in the Tindle Newspaper Group, having been established in 1976. But it is a respected voice in the community it serves.

The Times was launched as a tabloid and was owned by Mirror Group Newspapers and later by the Plymouth-based West of England Newspapers. It came under the ownership of Tindle Newspapers in 1984.

The young title had a tough job on its hands, competing against the established Western Times. But the Western Times ceased to be published in the late 1980s, leaving the Okehampton Times as the premier title for the area.

Much of its success in those years was due to the untiring efforts of one man, Denis Sargent. Formerly a journalist in his native South Africa, Denis took over the tiller at the Times in 1979 and swiftly established a highly respected tone in the paper, working from first floor offices in Fore Street. Sadly, he died in 1992 and was mourned by many in the town.

In 1994, the Okehampton Times literally came down to earth when it left its old offices for new premises in St James Street. Within a decade it moved to its current offices at 8 East Street, Okehampton.

The Times has succeeded in marrying the best of the old with the best of the new - detailed coverage of community events in town and village together with excellent hard news and photography.

The newspaper also prides itself on its sports and arts coverage. The title is popular with advertisers be they small local firms or large organisations, and its regular and imaginative advertising features are well-received.

The Times Gazette’s general manager is Lianne Hunt, the managing editor is Alison Stephenson.


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