Caradon 15

OKEHAMPTON mens’ seconds started well and looked really strong but then Caradon got their first goal, closely followed by a second.

However, Caradon had a lot of shots on goal but Ebby Valance did some superb saves and Oke could not of played without his encouragement or the captain of the seconds and Chris Luxton.

At the end of the first half it ended up being 7-0 to Caradon.

At the start of the second half both teams had come back after a team talk, with Okehampton coming out with a fresh start. They came back fighting from the start, which was shown by not letting Caradon score for a long time.

But then Caradon got their next goal creating a strong run of several more, stretching their lead.

Okehampton never game up throughout and had some great runs by Stuart Jarvis and Alfie Peatherbridge. For his first game for the seconds also James Stevens did very well.

The end result did not fairly reflect the game and Oke’s efforts. Jacob Jones was the Oke man of the match.