Exbourne’s community shop, The Burrow, has launched a fundraising appeal to help it raise money to fix the store’s roof which has been damaged.

Damage to the roof of the Burrow means its kitchen is currently operating at only around 5 per cent of its capacity, and the need to fix the roof has resulted in the store facing financial pressure.

Craig Harris, the Burrow’s chairman, said: “The cost of the roof is likely to exceed £75,000 and, whilst we are applying for grants, we also need to do local fundraising.”

Meanwhile, Nikki Fryer, shop manager, added: “We have a fantastic community asset which is only made possible with the help of the superb volunteers who run the shop, post office and café. We cannot afford to lose this.”

In a show of support Central Devon MP and Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Mel Stride paid a special visit to The Burrow last week, during which he said: “The Burrow is a hugely impressive community enterprise and is central to the village. It was good to discuss possible funding options and going forward I will definitely be supporting their funding bids.” 

The Burrow is a unique store, first built in 2011, and is made up of an underground structure supported by rafters and beams, complete with a grass-topped 300mm concrete roof, where sheep sometimes graze.

To learn more about The Burrow, or get involved in fundraising campaign, visit the website at https://theundergroundshop.weebly.com/