A WINDFALL of apples has benefitted Okehampton Foodbank thanks to the town’s Men in Sheds.

Anyone visiting Okehampton Medical Centre in the last few weeks will have noticed the large number of windfall apples lying in the car park from the tree in the garden of the house next door.

Among those who saw them were members of Okehampton Men in Sheds, who contacted Okehampton Foodbank and the owner of the tree and went to gather them up.

Leading shed member Phil Bush said: ‘One of the aims of Men in Sheds is to reuse and recycle, so when we saw the apples going to waste we realised we had the time and resources to do something about it and show that we care. The apples will be delivered to the foodbank next Friday. Maybe we can do our little bit to inspire others with a glut of something to do the same.’

Okehampton Men in Sheds is to be found in the community garden off Fatherford Lane. It is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and anyone is welcome to call in, have a cup of tea and find out more.