A group of parents, teachers and staff at Okehampton Primary School will be abseiling off the Meldon Viaduct this weekend to raise money for the school’s PTFA.

Toby Gilkes, Lisa Barker, Hannah Radbourne, Rob Hicks, Karen Sachon, Claire Thundercliffe, Lizzy Weber, Bex May and Anna Henderson-Smith plan to abseil down the 35 metre drop on Saturday (May 7) to raise money to help the PTFA.

Toby Gilkes said: ‘I decided to do it because it was an exciting opportunity to get to raise money for the children.’

The group has garnered a lot of attention and has already raised £314, over half the target of £500 which they hope will allow the PTFA to fund much-needed extra supplies and equipment for the school.

Okehampton Primary School teacher Jasmine Gilkes, wife of abseiler Toby Gilkes, said: ‘Our PTFA is wonderful. If we want anything they go above and beyond to help us whether its books or a shelter for the younger children.

‘I think it’s a great challenge as lots of people are scared of heights. Toby is an adventure seeker and enjoys surfing and anything he can jump off.’

The event will be run by Adventure Okehampton which has agreed to run it for free under the supervision of its chief instructor.

Meldon Viaduct was built in the 19th century so trains could easily cross the West Okement River.

To donate, visit www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/chrissie-read-2.