THE second Okehampton Beekeepers' branch summer apiary meeting was held at David and Sue Stephens' apiary in Down St Mary.

Around 20 members attended to carry out hive inspections. Novice beekeepers joined Marian and David and the more experienced accompanied Simon, Ray and Will.

One of the hives inspected by Simon, Ray and Will was incredibly active with a healthy brood chamber with a large number of drones and open and sealed worker brood and eggs. The other two hives were much quieter but both queens were found and marked.

Marian and David looked at a hive which was also strong with placid bees and brood in all stages of development. One of the frames of sealed brood was removed from this hive and donated to one of the weaker hives looked at by Simon, Ray and Will. This should help boost its numbers and kick-start the queen into laying.