Okehampton Rotary Club presented member Dave Potter with a prestigious award recently for his community work as part of the club’s 60th birthday celebrations.

At the club’s birthday celebration held two weeks ago (February 22) at Bracken Tor, Rotary Club president Rob Harman awarded fellow Rotarian Dave Potter with the Paul Harris Fellowship Award - the highest honour that Rotary International can bestow on an individual.

Mr Harman added that Mr Potter received the award in recognition of his many years of hard work in the community and for the club.

Named after the founder of the Rotary Club, Paul Harris, the award is available to Rotarians and non-Rotarians who demonstrate high professional and personal standard and is given by the Rotary Foundation - the branch of the Rotary Club responsible for distributing money from Rotary fundraisers to community projects around the world.

Mr Harman also thanked those at the celebratory dinner, which was well attended by current and past Okehampton Rotarians, for supporting the club and highlighted how much money the club had raised in the previous 12 months for local and international causes.

The club has continued to support ShelterBox with the funding of boxes to areas of crisis in various parts of the world.

ShelterBox is a registered charity which works in partnership with the Rotary Club to provide shelter and relief to communities around the world affected by disaster and conflict.