Okehampton Library will play host to the town’s very first book festival, Okebookfest, organised by the Friends of Okehampton Library which will take place from September 9-16.

The week will include two family events: a craft event with the upcycling team from the Oxfam Books and music shop in Tavistock and a parent and toddler instrument picnic with Wren Music who will also be appearing at one of the two author events.

There is also a creative writing workshop with Cathie Hartigan who used to lecture at Exeter College and has written two books about creative writing as well as several novels.

In addition, there will be visits from six other authors over two separate evenings including Stephanie Austin, Ruth Downie, Diane Janes, Michael Jecks, AJ McKenzie and Rebecca Tope.

To get all the details and to book tickets go to Eventbrite.co.uk and search for Okebookfest or buy tickets in the library (cash only) and pick up a paper copy of the programme.

For enquiries about Okebookfest email: [email protected]

The Friends of Okehampton Library has also thanked Okehampton United Charities, Okehampton Town Council and Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council for their support.