The Sculpture School in Bondleigh recently received a special visit from Mel Stride, MP for Central Devon. 

The Sculpture School is the country’s leading centre for realistic human and animal sculptures, teaching novices and professionals the skills to create lifelike art.

Founded in 2010 by Andrew and Donna Sinclair, the Sculpture School was borne from a desire to share the professional skills of realist figurative sculptures with the next generation of sculptors.

The school is based in a spacious open-plan studio just outside Bondleigh. 

Andrew Sinclair added: “It was a pleasure to welcome Mel Stride to the Sculpture School and show him around our studio and workshop. He was able to witness first-hand the inspirational setting and learning we offer to a wide range of people - from those wanting to develop a career in sculpting to those simply looking for a creative well-being retreat.”

Andrew Sinclair is recognised as a master in his field and is one of the world’s leading realist figurative sculptors. He has over 30 years of experience and recently had some of his work commissioned by the Royal Caribbean’s ‘Icon of the Seas’ cruise ship.

Mel Stride, MP for Central Devon and Secretary of State for Work and Pensions said: “I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the work at the Sculpture School. We are very lucky to have such talented artists here in Devon where craft is a huge part of our regional heritage.”

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