The new borough council in West Devon has pledged to take action to tackle the area's housing crisis over the next four years.

At the council's Hub Committee yesterday, July 11, the council agreed that housing would continue to be a top priority, focusing on what will make the biggest difference to residents.

The council is to continue to lobby government to address some of the borough's biggest challenges, including the lack of rental properties and the level of local housing allowance.

It will also influence new policies that will support the need for lower cost and social rented homes in new developments.

It says it will also continue to work with partners, housing associations and community land trusts to provide affordable, safe, and good quality homes. Focus will be on improving energy efficiency, holding landlords to account, and supporting the borough's most vulnerable residents.

These plans will now be refined so there is a clear direction on how we will deliver our housing ambitions.

West Devon Borough Council's Cllr Mark Renders, lead member for housing said: "Whilst we have made a positive difference in our housing sector, there is still so much more we can do.

"The cost of energy and everyday living continues to put a strain on lots of residents. This is why addressing some of our housing issues, particularly the energy efficiency of homes is vital, so that we help those who find themselves in fuel poverty.

"It's important that we continue to be the voice for our residents, whether that's a tenant having issues with repairs, a young family looking for an affordable home or making sure our more vulnerable residents are looked after.

"The actions we will put in place over the next few months aim to address the challenges our residents face, enabling us to be a force for good when it comes to addressing housing needs here in West Devon."