Okehampton residents can now submit their thoughts on the proposed Okehampton neighbourhood plan as it goes to the borough council for consideration.

Residents have until October 27 to submit their thoughts on the plan which sets out aims to ensure the town’s sustainable future development as it continues to grow.

The neighbourhood plan has been a long time coming and has been put together by Okehampton Town Council and Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council jointly.

Initial discussions began in 2015 when it was agreed that the plan would be a joint venture between the two Okehampton councils and two key concerns for Okehampton residents were raised – development of greenfield sites for housing and congestion in the town centre.

The final plan sets out aims for sustainable development for the next 11 years (until 2034) and touches on issues such as green infrastructure, employment opportunities, tourism, car parking and cycle routes in both Okehampton Town and Okehampton Hamlets.

It is also hoped that the plan will “preserve and enhance thecharacter of Okehampton Town and Hamlets” by encouraging future housing growth to meet the needs of the local community, ensuring easy access to the countryside, protecting and the rural landscape, creating a town that is attractive to businesses and tourists, supporting existing employment and encouraging more, support and improving services and community facilities and improving highway safety with adequate off-road parking.

To submit a comment or read the full neighbourhood plan, visit: www.neighbourhoodplanning.swdevon.gov.uk/okehampton. Residents can get a paper copy by contacting the Okehampton Town Council clerk at [email protected] or calling 01837 53179 or the Hamlets parish clerk at [email protected].