An initiative to fit Dartmoor ponies and cattle with reflective collars to reduce the number of road accidents involving livestock was launched today.

Led by Dartmoor Forest Parish Council, the scheme will see over 200 cattle and ponies fitted with the collars in the hope that it will make them more visible to drivers and reduce the number of animal deaths and injuries.

Dartmoor Forest Parish Councillor Mark Williams, who helped led the initiative, said: ‘Hopefully, the collars will really help drivers see the animals, especially in poor weather conditions. They are reflective on both sides so it doesn’t matter if they get twisted and have special stitching which will break if it gets caught.

‘Now we hope to do more work to encourage road safety including improved signage to let drivers know there may be livestock around.’

Devon and Cornwall Police, road safety awareness organisation Vision Zero South West, Dartmoor National Park, the Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society and the Dartmoor Commoners have also worked alongside Dartmoor Forest Parish Council to introduce the scheme which will also see another vehicle activated speed sign installed on the stretch of road below Leedon Tor and better signage at Peek Hill and Princetown to remind drivers to watch out for livestock on the road.

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