Sourton Parish Council recently hosted a free breakfast for the residents of Sourton to raise money for local preschool Treetops.

On the day, Sourton councillors cooked between 70 and 80 breakfasts and raised £74 l in donations to help the Bridestower preschool, which also serves Sourton, raise enough money for some new outdoor equipment.

Also in attendence were the Mayor of West Devon Cllr Caroline Mott and Cllr Terry Southcott, who donated £200 of their localities budgets towards the play equipment update fund.

Sourton Parish Council received £1,000 from West Devon to hold warm spaces events.

Treetops also hosted a second event at Sourton Village Hall to raise funds for a wooden sandpit. 

Attendees were offered tea and coffee along with a bowl of soup and side of bread and cheese.

The preschool caters for children between the ages of three and five. It was formed in 1971 and was originally located in Sourton, moving to its current site in Bridestowe in 2008.