A teenage schoolgirl from Tavistock died after accidentally sniffing too much butane gas from deodorant sprays.

Fifteen year old Kacey Barrett told friends that the butane gave her a 'high' and 'made her feel better'.

But a coroner has warned youngsters about the risk of dying from inhaling the gas.

Assistant coroner for Devon, Luisa Nicholson, told Exeter Coroner's Court that 'there was no such thing as a safe high'.

She said: "The danger of inhaling should not be understated, it is an extremely risky activity."

She said she hoped Kacey's death would not be in vain and would serve as a warning to others.

Kacey, who was from London, had been living in Tavistock, Devon, with her grandmother Maggie Macmillan.

Maggie said Kacey was a 'happy, bright young girl' who was doing well at Tavistock College and died as she prepared for her exams in March 2022.

She said Kacey has just returned from a half term trip to London to see her friends and had had a good time.

But Kacey complained that she found the market town of Tavistock 'boring' with nothing to do compared to life in London.

Her grandmother discovered her dead on her bed surrounded by large cans of deodorant spray cans - with one pressed against her nose and mouth.

Her college said she was a 'lovely bright young girl' and they had no concerns about her behaviour.

Police said Kacey was found dead with multiple cans around her bed and ruled out foul play.

A friend told police she began inhaling from spray cans in December 2021 to give her a high and make her feel better as she yearned to return to London.

The pal had told her to stop because it was dangerous.

A post mortem concluded she died from inhalation of butane gas.

The coroner said Kacey had been 'saddened by certain circumstances, being away from London and friends'.

She returned a conclusion of a 'very unfortunate accidental death'.