TWENTY-six volunteers from 18 different charities and voluntary sector groups gathered at Lydford Gorge, courtesy of the National Trust, recently to celebrate their volunteering within the vibrant community in West Devon.

They enjoyed a relaxing afternoon with a delicious tea in the company of Cllr John Sheldon, the Mayor of West Devon, his wife Maggie and Billie Burnett, Volunteering Services co-ordinator at West Devon CVS who presented each of them with a certificate of thanks.

More than 21-million people volunteer in the UK; their combined efforts contribute to the UK economy an estimated £23.9-billion!

‘These and all volunteers are a huge inspiration to others and deserve our great thanks,’ said Billie.

To find out more about volunteering across Devon, please visit the website Volunteer Connect Devon at or contact Billie Burnett on 0330 660 0357or email her at [email protected]