Wheelchair dog Hope has smashed her Mount Snowdon climb fundraiser target and raised over £3,000 for the charity that rescued her as a puppy.

Hope and her family set off on a fundraising mission, known as Hope on Wheels, to climb to the summit of Mt Snowdon with an initial target of £500 but announced last week that they had raised a whopping £3,000.74 instead.

Hope’s mum Kerry Rushton, said: “We are totally overwhelmed by the generosity from everyone, it’s heart warming to know that so many people care and appreciate what a challenge it was for Hope.

“So we thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts, it really is incredible.”

The money will go towards Spanish dog rescue charity, Amanda’s Spanish Dogs, which rescued Hope from an abusive home as a puppy.

The money will enable the charity to rescue at least four more dogs, provide veterinary care and cover the cost of transport to the UK.

Kerry added: “It ensures each one of those dogs will not end up living in horrendous conditions on the streets of Spain or in a pound, which is often worse than the streets.”

Spanish-born Hope was abandoned by her former owners as a puppy after they threw her over a fence which caused permanent damage to her spine.

Hope is now paralysed from the middle of her spine down, but this does not stop her. She has become a keen hiker and is the proud owner of a special cross-country dog wheelchair which she used to complete her climb.