John Howells
John Howells (submitted)

I am “The Donald”. I am extremely intelligent. I won the last presidential election despite what the ballot boxes showed. I only have 91 charges against me but it is not a problem because it is a witch hunt by idiots. The law enforcement agencies are all corrupt. I will solve the Ukraine war on day one of my return to the White House. I will deport loads of people from our country. They will be chiefly Muslims. Same sex couple are not to be tolerated. Women that claim I have sexually assaulted them are deluded. One such woman whom I have had to pay large amounts of money to I have never met. My companies are worth billions of pounds. The idea that I have inflated the value is just nonsense. 

These are just some of the outpourings from the mouth of Donald Trump. Evangelical Christians in Iowa have stated that Trump was sent by God to save the world. It reads like the second coming of Christ. This position may seem ludicrous but the plain fact is that Donald Trump is way ahead to gain the Republican nomination for the presidency. Some legal experts have claimed that on some of the charges he faces the almost certain prospect of getting a term in prison. Were this to play out there would be riots across the whole of America. 

All this leads to the question “What next for America?”. There is no doubt that Trump is a liability. The 2025 American election could be a disaster waiting to happen.  It does seem surprising that nobody is able to counter his approach. Every time he appears in court his popularity seems to increase amongst voters. 

Looking at the political map in Britain it seems impossible that we could elect someone with 91 charges facing them. We did see a Prime Minister elected who had lost two positions for lying before he even got into No 10. He was then fined for breaking the very rules he introduced. After a massive Commons majority he also managed to create a situation where his own followers turned against him and he was forced to resign as Prime Minister and ultimately as a member of parliament.

Our own political scene is not without issues. As concerned as our Prime Minister is about the climate change on our weather patterns it has not stopped him going everywhere by helicopter and private plane. Not only is this adding to greenhouse gases it is also costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds when everyone is struggling to pay their basic household bills. 

The American situation has huge implications for the rest of the world. It remains the super power. Its influence covers the whole world. What eventually happens in the Middle East will be influenced by the stance that America takes. Its ongoing support for Israel is waning as the humanitarian crisis in Gaza gets worse. What position Trump will take will have a big impact on world events.  What’s next for America? It is a question that faces the world.