We read (Gazette, 30/3/23) that Sir Geoffrey Cox (and other MPs) are asking for a public enquiry into SSSIs on Dartmoor. There is no doubt that global warming is happening. We all, including the hill farmers, must adjust to it. Our MPs should be encouraging schemes to diversify wildlife such as SSSIs to protect our planet. 

The future of livestock farmers in the UK looks uncertain, as they will be undermined by cheaper (and clearly inferior) products from Australia, New Zealand and South America and where public attitudes decrease meat consumption.

Our representatives in Parliament should be helping hill farmers to diversify by promoting grants and advice on how to modify farming to take advantage of higher temperatures and possibly increased rainfall.

Sir Geoffrey and Rt Honourable Mel Stride please do not look to sustain the untenable, but look for positive alternatives.  Otherwise you may find you are remembered as the latter-day Arthur Scargills.

Dr Roger Page

Mary Tavy