I know at this point in time there is a lot of attention on the future direction of animal grazing on Dartmoor with proposals from Natural England which have produced a strong reaction at parliamentary level. Is it too much to ask that public safety is also kept strongly in mind when these decisions are being made.? 

I admit a strong vested interest as I was attacked by a rogue cow at Taw Marsh, Belstone on October 24 last year. Despite being raised on a farm and having spent 30 years walking the north and south moors without any issues, I was blindsided by a cow from behind with no warning, trampled, and left for dead. I was walking alone with no dog and I thought a completely safe distance from cattle. This misjudgement put me into hospital with injuries including broken nose, broken jaw, and ribs, extensive contusions and damage to my teeth which are still under treatment. Unfortunately, without clear large markings to make herd ownership clear, I feel that the chances of identifying a rogue animal are nil. 

Myself and other concerned walkers/residents on Dartmoor have written to all the parties involved expressing our wish to help with discussing improving cattle safety with owners, councils and anyone with an interest but so far met with no success at all. In the meanwhile could I please ask all walkers/readers to strongly avoid cattle for your own safety, or at the very least check behind you often!

P.P. Morel 

Pathfinder Village, near Exeter