There are no winners in the Israeli Palestine conflict. With every single bomb the Israelis drop, Hamas becomes more determined and more entrenched. The only way any progress can be made is through a ceasefire. We need to support any efforts to call for a ceasefire and to support any peaceful demonstrations which take this view. The UK government’s new legislation on demonstrations remains an infringement of our civil rights and a direct threat to any progress in achieving a ceasefire. 

I am reminded of when we thought a ceasefire was impossible during the worst moments of the troubles in Ireland. The Good Friday agreement was signed in 1998. As we did then, we have to campaign for peace, by making our voices heard through peaceful vigils, petitions, singing and any means at our disposal. 

In words based closely on the old testament, now rapidly gaining popularity as a peace song in West Devon and elsewhere  “And everyone ‘neath the vine and fig tree / shall live in peace and unafraid / into ploughshares beat their swords / nations shall make war no more.”

Paul Wilson