The front page story on July 21 edition of the Okehampton Times reported on calls to reopen Okehampton Hospital’s minor injuries unit which provoked a big reaction on Facebook. Here are some of the comments.

Something needs to happen the Town is growing or should I say Hamlets but whatever The Medical Centre is struggling to cope (they won’t admit it) does someone need to be crippled or worse before the wake up call comes — Geoff Penna

Shocking lack of resources in Okehampton now. With no hospital and no Wardhayes taking people and giving them recovery time and assessment for going home, the larger hospitals are crammed with people who should not be there. Okehampton has crashed and needs desperate help! — Anita Gibson

What is there to discuss - just start negotiations? The hospital was one of the greatest assets to the town and consequently one of its greatest loses. With the phenomenal amount of new homes and therefore additional people there is an even greater need to have it open again. — Jane Lake

Cottage hospitals all over the place have been closed. Using them for patients who are well enough to leave hospital but need to convalesce seems a no-brainier to me. Unblock the beds.— Pamela Tollet

The medical centre does a fantastic job ! But Okehampton hospital is the same story as Bovey Tracey, Moretonhampstead, Torrington and many many more of the community hospitals. Open them return services = less demand on our major hospitals its quite simple. — Stuart Hickman

This hospital NEEDS to be reopened. Not only would it take immense pressures off of RD&E, but also the medical centre. It would also allow local people to have much needed healthcare on their doorstep. The medical centre does an incredible job, but for the size of our ever growing community we need a MIU and associated services to reflect that. — Hollie Sampson

So desperately needed back in the town! Reopening the hospital wards would not only, ease the pressure at the RD&E and other major hospitals, but allow patients to recover closer to home, in familiar surroundings and hopefully, help ease the pressure on the local carers in our community. — Jayne Joy