OKEHAMPTON Cycling Club enjoyed the first of its monthly social gatherings on Sunday.

The club is growing in popularity and all of the respected groups — A, B, C and MTB (mountain bike) — are increasing in size so this monthly meet meant that all the groups could end the ride back at the Pavilion in the Park in Okehampton for a ‘social’ and a bite to eat with the rest of the club members.

Despite the awful conditions on a Sunday earlier this month, the event had a great turnout and was well supported by the club. Club spokesman Josh Coyne said the group would continue to grow in the future. The club, whose members are from 16 years old up, already has 55 members.

He told Times Sport: ‘The club is aiming to promote all forms of cycling in the community and do its bit to put Okehampton on the map.

‘Cycling is a sport where people come along for different reasons whether just to enjoy the ride, to get fitter and lose weight as well as the social aspect. It’s entirely up to the individual and if they want to go on to competitive racing we would help them achieve their goals.’

The club has four different rides going — C ride, beginners’ group, with short loops of 10-15 miles at 10-12mph average speed; B ride, 30-45 miles, at 12-14mph; A ride, 55-70 miles, at 15-17mph and MTB ride.

For full details see ‘ride info’ on the club’s facebook page. Any further information about the club can be obtained by contacting Oke Cycles on 01837 53811.