RESULTS for Bere Alston Bowling Club are as follows:

Pat May Triples Cup, Bere Alston lost away to Plympton 57-91. (B McPhillips, P Moore and R Casey 19-41; J East, B Evans and J Sowden 23-26; K Wood, C Dyer and R Northam 15-24).

Friendly, Bere Alston won away at Bude 117-103. (B Dennett, A Hewitt, L Squire and T Bond 25-13; M Davey, Y Collom, C Dyer and R Casey 23-13; S Whitting, P Moore, R Lampey and C Squire 22-15; J East, H Moore, R Spry and J Sowden 27-19; A Voaden, C Spry, J Voaden and K Whitting 9-23; E Percival. M Gregory and K Wood 11-20).

Ladies’ Plymouth and District League, Bere Alston won 46-19 at home to Lee Moor. (B Dennett, Y Collom. M Gregory and R Lampey 26-10; J Atkins-Redden, A Voaden, H Moore and S Whitting 20-9).