On Monday, July 11, a large field entered the Seniors’ Three Ball Better Ball Open at Okehampton Golf Club.

The winners were Ian Hildred, Chris Gingell and Terry Rutherford (Cricket St Thomas) with 87 points and second overall were Richard Stevens, Brian Ridgeway, Malcolm Buckland (Fingle/EGCC) with 85 points.

The best home/combination prize was won by Alan Stokes, David Draper and Paul Douglas with 84 points and the best visitor prize was won by Colin Morris, Mike Jones and Chris Furnival (Yelv/Elfordleigh/Wrangaton) with 77 points – after countback with the second visitor prize going to James Donovan, Peter Whitelegg and Alan Bovey (Bovey Tracey) with 77 points.

On Saturday, July 16 a Men’s Four Ball Better Ball Open Competition was held. The overall winners were Norman Heslop and Adrian Rowe with 44 points after count back from, in second, Paul Douglas and Bryan Evans, also with 44 points. Malcolm Hill and Pete Okopski were third with 43 points. The best Okehampton prize went to Trevor Chapman and Greg Asher with 43 points and the second best Okehampton prize was won by Steve Rice and Phil Atherton with 43 points.

Kevin Martin and Jeff Hammett won the best visitor prize with 41 points with Ben Hick and Andy LeMoine second with 39 points.

The ladies had a fun team competition with teams of three taking in turns to play a yellow ball which counted as double points.

The winners with 127 points were Hannah Harbron, Elaine Marwood and Maggie Caws and in second were Pam Jarman, Lorna Evans & Val Dodsworth with 111 points.