Okehampton ladies’ thirds 5

Caradon ladies’ thirds 1

OKEHAMPTON came into this fixture hungry for goals. From the starting whistle the Oke team put pressure on the opposition’s defence but is was Caradon who scored first when they broke away, catching the home side’s defence off-guard and slipped the ball into the corner of the goal.

Oke’s centre back Debbie Pritchard organised her defence well, ensuring tight marking and quick interceptions to protect the home goal for the remainder of the match.

Maddie Arden, in attack for the home team, quickly scored an equaliser with a fast, skilful solo run up the pitch, before smashing the ball past the Caradon keeper.

Oke’s player of the match, Emily Rowlands, looked dangerous throughout the game working hard to win the ball in midfield and then pressurising Caradon. Her first goal came when she drew the defence wide to the edge of the circle and then struck the ball from an acute angle into the back of the net. She scored her second goal, just before half time, striking the ball from the top of the circle, placing her shot under the keeper to give Oke a 3-1 lead.

Oke extended their lead in the second half when Louise Watts popped the ball neatly past the keeper.

Caradon fought back pushing their stronger players forward and forcing left back Melissa Pinfield to channel the Caradon players out wide, preventing them from entering the Oke circle. Oke’s final goal came when Maddie Arden made a searing run down the right side of the pitch and put a powerful ball across the Caradon circle, where Larissa Goodger was perfectly placed to control the ball and smash it into the goal.