Okehampton started the final game of the season with a bottle of champagne on ice, knowing that a win would see them become league champions.

Many goal mouth scrambles did not go Okehampton’s way but soon a move straight out of the coaching manual saw Okehampton get the break they needed. Lesley Bingham got the ball and she slotted it neatly into the back of the goal.

Okehampton facilitated the use of the whole pitch beautifully, with some lovely ball movement, making use of the width of the pitch. From this accurate passing Izzy Watt in the middle collected the ball and passed it to Molly Bushin who beat the opposition’s Goalie with ease to put Okehampton 2-0 ahead.

This was soon followed by another for Molly who collected a long ball from Amanda Sim, who had used her intelligence to take a quick ball from the 25 line. Bushin picked up the ball, ran it into the D, picked her spot and pushed the ball into the corner of the goal with expertise.

Okehampton went into half time 3-0 ahead and the coach was keen not to get complacent.

Okehampton had to work hard to break down some strong attacks from Kingsbridge and Salcombe and the right midfield dynamo and player of the match Abi Cleave effortlessly covered a lot of ground to continually fight for the ball.

When Kingsbridge and Salcombe did get through, the mother-daughter partnership at the back of Sarah and Laura Bazeley proved hard to beat and they continually broke down play with strong tackles.

Going against the team plan for a short corner Joey Drake received the ball and popped it neatly into the Kingsbridge and Salcombe goal commanding a 4-0 lead.

Another sustained Oke attack with some great play from Abi Cleave led to Lesley Bingham sending a timed to perfection ball into the D, where Joey Drake put it brilliantly into the back of the Kingsbridge and Salcombe goal to give Okehampton a 5-0 lead.

This was soon followed by another break from the middle of the pitch by Okehampton, where the ball found Molly Bushin again who displayed great efficiency and calmness in beating the goalie again to make it 6-0.

Several short corners were taken with Christine Wolmarans, Izzy Watt and Amanda Sim all wanting to get their names on the score sheet but it was Molly Bushin who was successful in scoring the final goal for Okehampton.

When the final whistle blew captain Rachel Luxton wasted no time in popping the Champagne open to celebrate Okehampton Seconds’ success of being Petroc 2 league champions.