On Saturday, Okehampton Columbines 1st team played away, competing with Kingsbridge and Salcombe 1s.

Early in the game, Kingsbridge and Salcombe were awarded a short which was expertly closed down by Okehampton’s defence.

Okehampton worked together, moving up and down the pitch as one and keeping plenty of width. Kingsbridge and Salcombe’s defence kept the pressure on.

But soon Oke’s good play was rewarded with the game’s first goal scored by Catherine V-J, who was so determined to get the goal that she skidded as she took the strike, ensuring a safe shot into the back board.

In answer, Kingsbridge and Salcombe pushed up, putting pressure on Oke’s defence.

Carol Newman, Okehampton’s goalie, expertly kept the goal clear.

Okehampton’s defence Alice Kay, Kay Peerless, Rachel Adams and team captain Nicky Pedrick worked to hold Kingsbridge out of the ‘D’ and began the push back up the pitch. Kim Bland, Izzie Thomas, Anna Speak and Alice Luke worked hard in the mid field, connecting Oke’s defence and forwards.

Soon this led to the second goal which was scored with a cross from Catherine V-L and was beautifully met by Alice Luke who secured the goal. In answer, Kingsbridge and Salcombe scored with 2-1 to Oke at half time.

From the start of the second half Okehampton continued on the attack with forwards Hannah Whiteley, Catherine V-L, Zara Priday and Ali Newton playing with goals in mind. Okehampton started down a player, as unfortunately, during her fantastic defence work, Izzie was injured and forced to watch from the sidelines.

Working as a team and building the play, Okehampton pushed up the pitch with some fantastic work by Anna Speake (player of the match) who worked hard driving the ball up the pitch. The momentum built and it was not long before Anna scored Okehampton’s third goal.

Kingsbridge and Salcombe answered with their second goal, however it was not long before Hannah Whitely secured Okehampton’s fourth goal.

Kingsbridge continued to fight hard however they could not break through Okehampton’s defence or past Carol Newman’s excellent goal keeping.