Okehampton travelled to a sunny Plymouth to take on Plymouth Marjons 3.

Marjons had first pushback and Okey fought hard to regain possession of the ball. With Rachel Mercer, Abi Cleave and Louise Weller working hard to get the ball through to the forwards. Marjons defense didn’t make it easy, managing to intercept Okey’s efforts. Okey didn’t give up and kept pushing their defense, resulting in their first goal coming from Maddie Davidson.

Marjons fought back, pressing through the middle. Unfortunately, Marjons were awarded a short corner which they managed to score from. Unperturbed, Okey pressed hard, with Ali Newton working hard to get the ball to Freya Mindova-Sharp, who had a great run down the wing, crossing the ball into the D, where Izzy Watts and Alice Luke managed to ruffle Marjon’s defense, allowing Alice Luke to slip one past their goalie, putting Okey in the lead again.

Rallied, Okey kept pushing. Kim Bland, Rachel Mercer and Louise Weller worked getting the ball down the wing, with Rachel Mercer smashing some great balls through to the D.

Okey’s third goal initiated from Nicky Bennie, with a lovely pass to Hannah Whiteley, who ran the ball down the wing, crossing to Freya Mindova-Sharp, who worked hard, beating Marjons defense, into the D to Alice Luke, who scored her second goal. Putting Okey 3-1 up at half time.

Second half, Marjons started strong, pushing Okey back and making the defense work hard. Again, Carol Newman making some crucial saves. With centre backs, Nicky Pedrick and Kay Peerless clearing the ball out to the wings, enabling Kim Bland and Izzie Thomas to push up the line. Okehampton awarded several short corners but were unlucky not to convert to goals. Okeys mid field worked tirelessly feeding the ball through to forwards.

On a push back from Marjons, they were awarded a short corner which they managed to convert.

Player of the match was awarded to Louise Weller. Okehampton play their final game before Christmas at home to Caradon 2.