THE official opening ceremony of the new boat park at Weir Quay for the jointly owned Weir Quay Community Watersports Hub Club was held on Sunday.

It was the latest stage of a project to provide a permanent home for Tamar and Tavy Gig Club and Weir Quay Sailing Club.

Two of the many cadets present, had the honour of ‘cutting the tape’ watched over by club members and Councillors Benson, Leithall, Moody, Reed and Sanders representing the parish, borough and county councils. Special guests included the Clarks and Kumpels who have generously helped from the inception of the new site.

Graham Reed, the secretary of the Weir Quay Community Watersports Hub Club, told the Times: ‘A sustained effort from many people within both water-sport clubs over many years has achieved a superb site that solves the “homeless” status faced by the rowers and sailors and their boats.

‘The present board of directors, headed by rowing captain Tricia Stewart, is now urgently seeking further funds to build a boat shed. Thanks to the generosity of local trusts including the Belinda O’Flynn and Activistock Trusts, they have ensured that the creation of the site has been completed by main contractors Landmarc.’

The next stage, said Mr Reed, is to build the essential dry storage that the shed provides, which will cost more than £30,000 and the Hub Club is looking for potential supporters.

The facility for the training of cadets could, he added, lead to potential Olympic medal standard winners in a few years.