Trelawny two

Caradon ladies’ thirds 3

Okehampton ladies’ thirds 1

THE Okehampton team were hopeful of getting some league points from this fixture as they had won the home fixture against the mid table Cornish convincingly earlier in the season.

Oke were in for a surprise when the match started and they found themselves up against a slick, well organised and determined Caradon team.

Caradon’s young, fit forwards darted around getting into space to pick up the ball and attack the goal. Despite desperate defending from Oke it was not long before Caradon smashed the ball into the back of the Oke goal to take the lead.

Oke’s fighting spirit emerged and they began to attack with midfielders Emily Rowlands and Larissa Goodger pressurising the Caradon defence but it was Georgie Fallows who neatly slotted the ball past the keeper for the equaliser.

Caradon still looked the sharper team forcing the Oke team to track back in numbers to protect their goal.

Oke’s player of the match Daisy Morgan in goal cleared the ball several times when the Caradon forwards made a break but Caradon’s continuous pressure resulted in them taking the lead just before half time.

Oke were more confident and assertive as they began the second half. Defender Joey Drake man marked Caradon’s main attacker out of the game and Rochelle Woollacott stepped up to distribute the ball. The Oke team increased their work rate with wing halves Melissa Pinfield and Elsa Frangleton pushing forward in attack but also chasing back to defend. It was only the experience and discipline of the Caradon defence that prevented Oke from converting this pressure into goals.

Caradon were always dangerous on the break and unfortunately they increased their lead to 3-1 just before the final whistle.