17 new places to refill bottles

By Amy Hetherington   |   Reporter   |
Wednesday 22nd June 2022 4:00 pm
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Love Brownies owner, Graham. (Fran Rickwood )

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Refill Okehampton, part of Okehampton’s eco-friendly community, has announced that there are now 17 refill stations in the town which can be found on the Refill app.

Okehampton shoppers can now visit a variety of outlets to refill their laundry liquids, purchase package-free food staples, refill their own water bottles, buy coffee in their own reusable coffee cups and use their own containers for lunchtime snacks.

Businesses, including 3 East Street cafe and Love Brownies,in Okehampton are also joining a global coalition of organisations for World Refill Day today, which aims to help people live with less waste and prevent plastic pollution as awareness of the dangers of single-use plastic grows.  

Rebecca Green, proprietor of 3 East Street said: ‘We are always looking for ways to support the community and the planet and one big help is to refill water bottles. Keeping hydrated is so important for health and as a health focused business we jumped at the chance to sign up. Carrying a water bottle helps save money, helps save the planet and helps keep you healthy.’

The refill app was designed to help connect people to places where they can eat, drink and shop without causing new plastic waste.

Plastic Free Okehampton which works with local businesses, voluntary organisations, schools and community groups to raise awareness of the dangers of littering and single-use plastics and has also been involved in other eco-campaigns like the Big Plastic Count.

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