THE ANNUAL meeting of the Okehampton branch of the Royal British Legion will be held in the Legion Social Club in Station Road, Okehampton on Tuesday, November 15 at 8pm.

It is open to all branch members, who are urged to attend and show their continued support of the Legion.

Peter Williams, branch secretary, said: 'While Legion membership nationally continues to decline, here in Okehampton, the branch is maintaining a healthy membership. However, the Legion is always open to new recruits.

'Anyone is eligible to become a member of the Royal British Legion; service in the Armed Forces is not pre-requisite.

'All that's needed is a strong interest in helping with the pursuit of the legion's objectives — ie, to provide welfare assistance to both current and former Service personnel and their dependants.

'An ever-increasing number of veterans of recent conflicts, including the current operations in Afghanistan, are experiencing welfare and health difficulties, both physical and mental.

'These have a direct impact on the Legion's resources.

'It is essential, therefore, that the Legion maintains a high public profile and encourages public awareness of the help it provides to the men and women who serve their country so unselfishly.'

Members wishing to table items for consideration and discussion at the annual meeting should submit the motion in writing to the branch secretary by Thursday, November 10.