Okehampton town councillors have raised concerns that the borough council’s updated public space protection order for dog control will not be effective unless it is properly enforced.

At the most recent Okehampton Town Council meeting (October 30), councillors discussed the most recent borough council consultation into the dog control order but raised issues with the borough council’s wish to extend some offences.

Councillor voiced worries that the plan to increase penalties for those who fail to clear up after their dog or who do not put their dogs on the lead when required will not be successful without better enforcement.

Cllr Terry Cummings said: “Last time I was on the council, we had the same issue raised...the issue is the same then as it is now. There’s no one maintaining it. The park keepers had to do it and they got abused and bullied for doing so. We can have as many orders as we like but enforcement, like parking enforcement, is key to anything we wish to put in place and without it, it isn’t going to work.”

Cllr Tony Leech echoed Cllr Cummings’ thoughts and added that he had never known anyone who had been prosecuted for dog fouling.

It was thus suggested by Cllr Bob Tolley that the council submit a freedom of information request to West Devon Borough Council asking for the number of dog control prosecutions and proposed that the town council ask for additional dog control enforcement.

Councillors agreed and passed the proposal.