A FRESH appeal has been lodged for permission to build a a holiday chalet in the garden of a bungalow near Morwellham on the Bere peninsula.

The application for a the chalet on the site of Morwell Down Bungalow was turned down by West Devon Borough Council in September last year as being in an ‘unsustainable’ location. A planning officer’s report at the time said they felt that most people would still be likely to arrive at the site by car rather than bus.

This was despite it being backed by four letters from local people, who said holidaymakers would help support the 87 bus from Bere Alston to Tavistock, which passes the entrance. Stagecoach, which runs the service, has said drivers will stop on request.

The site already offers facilities for cyclists on the site, and the hope is that the addition of holiday accommodation could help make the enterprise viable in the long term.

The proposal is to demolish a work shed in the garden and build a chalet to provide holiday accommodation on exactly the same footprint.

Meanwhile, among planning applications submitted to West Devon Borugh Council are two proposals from householders wanting to put solar panels on their roofs on the Bere peninsula.

The first is an extension for a bungalow at 51 Fore Street, Bere Alston, 1492/23/HHO with solar panels.There is also an application from a householder at Gable End at Hole’s Hole near Bere Alston, 1649/23/HHO, to replace glazing in the garden room, install solar panels, widen the parking area, create new steps and make minor alterations to the garage.

Meanwhile, in Germansweek, there is an application to determine with prior approval is needed for converting a barn into a dwelling. The application, 1739/23/PDM, refers to Stockwood Barn at Bangors Farm.

A statement from Neil Maud of Aspire Planning Solutions argued that as the structure could rely on Class Q permission which allows a barn to be converted into a home if the structure is not significantly altered.

Another farm conversion project, this time at North Bere Farm in Spreyton, is seeking to convert a barn for use by local businesses, 1741/23/PAU. The proposal is to convert the ‘modest agricultural building’ into four units that could be let out.

Planning consultant Rose Tripp of RT Designs, in support of the application, said: ‘The applicant has undertaken research locally and provisionally let two of the units for repairs to proviate hobby vehilces and a further unit to someone who makes life-like action figures, subject to this prior notification appliction.’