'Our' National Parks were formed in the halcyon days of sharing, and

fairness; as was the NHS to provide health care so that the fear of

sickness and its cost was removed from the shoulders of the poor. One of

the driving factors of National Parks was to improve the health of our

nation and give people the opportunity to breath fresh air, and for their

children to be able to lay on the ground and take in the beauty of the

universe irrespective of their families means..

Time and again I shake my head in disapproval and disbelief at what this

nation is becoming: a land divided by greed and selfishness, a land grown

from un-bridled capitalism where enough is never enough. Surely, with the

new restrictions on wild camping on Dartmoor and threats to our rights to

roam, the time has come to shout loudly "Enough is enough."

Michael Fife Cook

Mary Tavy

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